A drug dealer killed in a clash with the Asayish in Erbil

Baghdad, The Asayish Directorate of Erbil announced the killing of a drug dealer and the arrest of another one in a clash that also resulted in one of its members being ‘severely injured.’

A statement by the Asayish Erbil stated that a team from the Directorate went out this evening, Tuesday, to ‘follow up’ two drug dealers, in implementation of the order of the investigating judge.

According to a statement by the Directorate, ‘The two wanted men directed their weapons at the Asayish forces, which led to the serious injury of one of our directorate members.’

It explained that the clash took place in the vicinity of Ainkawa in Erbil, and Asayish forces were able to kill one of the two merchants and arrest the other.

The Asayish Directorate in Erbil confirmed that ‘the investigation is continuing’ into the circumstances of the incident.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency