Baghdad, The Baghdad Operations Command announced the implementation of pre-emptive operations in the vicinity of the capital, Baghdad, which resulted in the arrest of a number of defendants and the seizure of a stolen car and a pile of explosive materials.

The command stated in a statement, ‘The units of the Infantry Divisions (Sixth and Seventeenth) and the units attached to them, in coordination with the Intelligence and Security Department, carried out pre-emptive operations for regional search and inspection, armed reconnaissance, and set up temporary surprise checkpoints in the center of the districts (Tarmiyah, Mahmoudiyah) and the villages, countryside, and orchards surrounding them.’ It resulted in the arrest of a number of defendants according to various legal articles, including two thieves with a stolen car in his possession, in addition to two parties to a quarrel, and the seizure of a pile of explosive materials (war remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs).

Source: National Iraqi News Agency