An Independent Politician: Some Are Using The Electricity Crisis As A Political Card To Fuel The Street And To Perpetuate Corruption

Baghdad The independent politician Thaer Munir Al-Zubaidi asserted that: Some are using the electricity crisis as a political card to inflame the street and to perpetuate corruption in the electricity sector in particular and state institutions in general.

He said in a press statement that: The electricity crisis has become a preoccupation for the Iraqis whenever we approach the summer and high temperatures in light of unconvincing justifications for those involved in the matter, which we have been hearing for more than 17 years.

Al-Zubaidi added that: Some political forces are exploiting this matter to inflame the street and to benefit from this paper politically and electively to improve their image first and to cover up rampant corruption, wasting state resources in useless agreements to improve this sector in particular.

He stressed the need for state institutions concerned with the electricity sector to be aware of the benefit of applying the clean energy method that many countries of the world have been working with, with sums that are not at all comparable to what Iraq has spent over the past period on a dilapidated system.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency