Federal Police arrest 15 defendants and seize unlicensed weapons in Baghdad and Babylon

Baghdad, Federal Police forces arrested 15 defendants and seized unlicensed weapons in Baghdad and Babylon.

A statement by the Federal Police Command stated: ‘The security effort of the units of the mechanized division in the Federal Police, with the support of the intelligence effort and the attached units, resulted in the arrest of (15) persons accused of legal offenses (threats, quarrels, theft) in the areas of (Hay Al-Sahha, Kuweish, and Shuhada Al-Bayaa) in Baghdad and a number of areas of Babylon Governorate.

He added: “The units of the Sixth Brigade carried out a security operation to search for unlicensed weapons in the area (Hay Al-Amel), which resulted in the seizure of a Kalashnikov rifle and bullets, and the accused were referred along with the seized weapons to the competent authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency