The Israeli occupation forces continue to shut down the Rafah land crossings across the border with the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Karm Abu Salem, the only commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip.

For the ninth day in a row, the occupation forces continue to close the Rafah crossing, which led to a complete halt to the movement of passengers, especially the sick and wounded, and the entry of humanitarian aid, or the transfer of accumulated aid to the people of the Gaza Strip in the southern and northern areas.

The Rafah land crossing is considered a lifeline for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and the only land crossing for the entry of aid and the evacuation of the injured individuals.

According to local sources, this incursion and its tight control means deprivation of food and medical aid.

The occupation forces also continue to close the Kerem Abu Salem crossing for the thirteenth day in a row, with a complete halt to the entry of aid.

A few days ago, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio
Guterres called on the occupation authorities to reopen the Rafah and Kerem abu Salem crossings ‘immediately’ to allow the entry of humanitarian aid the Gaza Strip, and called on them to stop this escalation.

“Closing the two crossings at the same time is particularly harmful to the already desperate humanitarian situation, and they must be reopened immediately,” Guterres said.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon