Security forces arrest a number of defendants, one of whom belongs to the so-called “Anbar State”

Baghdad, Baghdad Operations Command (BOC) announced, today, Tuesday, the arrest of 39 defendants, including an ‘ISIS member’ belonging to the so-called ‘Anbar State,’ and the seizure of a number of weapons, ammunition, and other prohibited materials.

BOC stated in a statement, ‘Baghdad Operations Command’s detachments were able to arrest (39) defendants according to various legal articles, including an ISIS terrorist, and his movements and whereabouts were monitored within Tarmiyah district. He belongs to the so-called ‘Anbar State,’ and other defendants accused of crimes (the Ant-organized Crime law), drugs, tribal raids, and possession of unlicensed weapons.’

It added, “A number of weapons, ammunition, equipment, and other prohibited materials were seized on Karkh and Rusafa sides of Baghdad.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency