The Price Of Basra Heavy Crude Increased And Its Light Decrease

Baghdad / NINA / – The price of Basra Heavy crude increased, while the price of its light crude decreased, before closing on Friday.

Basra Heavy crude prices recorded $66.01 a barrel, an increase of 1.62%, while light crude exported to Asia fell to $69.01 a barrel, down 0.65% from last Thursday.

The price of Saudi Arabian Light oil was $69.00 a barrel, while the price of the UAE Murban blend was $68.36 a barrel, and the Algerian Sahran blend reached $67.93 a barrel, while the Nigerian Bonny Light scored $68.38, and the Angolan Girasole reached $69.04.

International oil prices closed, with Brent crude reaching $69.63, and West Texas crude reaching $65.21 a barrel./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency