The Secretary of the Ministry of Defense meets with the Commander of the NATO Mission

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant General Ahmed Dawoud Salman Al Khafaji, met in his office at the Ministry’s headquarters with the Commander of the NATO Mission in Iraq, Lieutenant General Jose Antonio Aguero, on the occasion of the end of his work in Iraq.

The Secretary-General, according to a statement by the Ministry of Defence, praised the initiatives of the Commander of the NATO Mission in Iraq and the efforts of the mission’s advisors to develop training and provide advice, to raise the capabilities of the Iraqi armed forces.

While the Mission Commander extended his thanks and appreciation to the Secretary-General for his special efforts in supporting and facilitating the mission’s work and its communication with military institutions, he also praised its role in developing the capabilities of the Iraqi forces.

Lieutenant General Aguero affirmed the commitment of the mission and its new leader, from the Netherlands, to implementing the terms of training, consultation, and
external military activities and exercises according to the plan drawn up between the two sides.

For his part, the Secretary-General stated: ‘The Ministry of Defense, within its curriculum prepared for the year 2024, has developed plans to develop the capabilities and expertise of its members by involving them in internal and external courses for various specializations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency