Two drug dealers and one person accused of car theft were arrested in Maysan

Amara The General Directorate of Maysan Governorate Police announced today, Thursday, the arrest of two drug dealers and those accused of stealing cars.

The Directorate said in a statement, “the detachments of the checkpoints and external roads police department, and with an intelligence effort by the National Security Service in the governorate and the Internal Security Forces intelligence, as well as a detachment from the Personnel Security Department, and during the inspection of the vehicles and checking the materials they were carrying, they arrested (two) Promoters and drug abusers.

It added, “the two defendants were found in their possession of small bags of crystal narcotic substance, and ampoules for abuse, referring to the two, one of them a woman, coming from Karbala Governorate, they were referred to the competent authorities.”

In a related context, a force from the Anti-Car Theft Crime Division arrested one of the accused specialized in car theft after collecting information about him and identifying his whereabouts by private sources.

The police confirmed, “the accused confessed during the investigation that he had carried out a number of theft operations in different regions of the governorate, and the necessary legal measures were taken against him for the purpose of referring him to the competent court.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency