Al-Halfi: This Is What Happened In The Meeting With The French Security And Defense Committee

Baghdad A member of the Security and Defense Committee, representative of the “Saairun” bloc, Saad Al-Halfi, revealed the details of the meeting held with the French Security and Defense Committee at the headquarters of the committee.

“During the meeting, views were exchanged on the most important security events on the local and international arenas and their repercussions on international peace, and the methods used to deal with them were discussed,” Al-Halfi said in a statement.

“During the meeting, we discussed the possibility of increasing joint security cooperation between Iraq and France and activating mutual coordination between the security and intelligence agencies in the two countries,” he added.

He explained, “The meeting stressed the importance of unifying security efforts, specifically with regard to the aspect of exchanging information and delegations, and benefiting from experiences in a way that guarantees security and stability.”

“We in the Security and Defense Committee focused during the meeting with the French delegation on the necessity of defining the tasks of the international coalition forces operating in Iraq within the framework of development and consultation, and not for anything else,” Al-Halfi said.

He also announced that an invitation had been sent by the guest committee members for the purpose of visiting France in order to enhance the understandings that are in the interest of the two friendly countries and to unify efforts in the face of violence and extremism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency