Al-Kaabi: The Displaced File Must Be Dealt With Humanitarianly, Not Politically

Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, stressed, during his meeting with the Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Evan Faeq Jabro, the necessity of ending the displacement file and closing the camps during the current year, and that dealing with this file should be from a humanitarian and not political side.

Al-Kaabi said, according to a statement by his media office: “The responsibility for the file of the displaced is not borne by the Ministry of Migration only, but it is a humanitarian file borne by the legislative and executive authorities and the cooperation of the international community.”

He praised the great humanitarian role played by the Ministry of Immigration and its coordination with the rest of the concerned ministries and international organizations concerned with this file to supervise and follow up the displaced and return them to their areas of origin, stressing that: “It is an important and large file that should not be dealt with by a political side only as some do, or exploited to achieve narrow interests and benefits at the expense of this segment, who has endured long years in the camps.”

He added: “Everyone should look at this file from his humanitarian side exclusively, and that the legislative and executive authorities, and the cooperation of the international community, bear it, as it relates to the lives of families that include women, children, the elderly and the sick.”

During the meeting, it was agreed on the need to expedite the mechanisms for closing the camps inside and outside the borders of the Kurdistan region, since most of the displaced have a real desire to return to their areas, after creating all the necessary safe and urban environments and coordinating with the concerned departments to return their properties, some of which were seized by the corrupt.

With regard to the Sinjar file, al-Kaabi stated that: “It is not an easy issue, and that it is too big to be dealt with by one party. Rather, coordination must be made between the legislative and executive authorities, the regional government and international organizations to address it and return Sinjar families to their homes and safe areas.”

The minister appreciated the paternal role of Muqtada al-Sadr through his sponsorship of all Iraqi segments, especially Christians and Sabeans, in the matter of forming a committee to return usurped real estate with the membership of al-Kaabi, and the process of actual supervision of its return.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency