Al-Kadhimi: The Moves By Armed Groups In Baghdad Today Are A Serious Violation, Not Only Of Law And Order, But Of The Constitution / More

Baghdad The Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said that the movements carried out by armed groups in Baghdad today are a serious violation, not only of law and order, but of the Iraqi constitution.

Al-Kadhimi said during his presidency of a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security devoted to discussing security developments, according to a statement by his media office: “Iraq is going through a sensitive stage, and this government was formed with the aim of addressing the challenges that the country went through as a result of the long accumulations, and it almost took the situation to a dangerous deterioration.”

He continued, “The moves by armed groups in Baghdad today are a serious violation, not only of law and order, but of the Iraqi constitution.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces indicated that the constitution defines the duties of the authorities and that the government is responsible for the executive tasks and implements what is issued by the judiciary in accordance with legal notes.

Al-Kadhimi added that there are those trying to create security and political crises for the purpose of electoral competition or obstructing the elections, and if this government had political ambitions, it would have acted as previous governments worked to form a political bloc of their own and enter the elections, but we did not do that, although all the opportunities are available to us, and we have adhered to our goal of clearing the electoral atmosphere and avoiding Iraq from further crises. ”

He said: We have worked with all strength and sincerity to dismantle the accumulated crises that we inherited from previous governments, economically, securely, politically, socially and internationally, and we have succeeded in some of them, and there are crises that need more time to dismantle and deal with them.

He stressed that, this government is not a government of revenge, nor is it a government of political liquidations, but rather a government that worked to serve Iraq and its people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency