Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel submitted a letter to Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati demanding clarification on what was agreed upon with the European Union Commission and informing the public about the reality of the situation.

Gemayel urged for precise and transparent disclosure of the details and practical steps the government will take to prevent the integration of Syrians in Lebanon and their rapid return to Syria, especially given that military activities have ceased in the majority of Syrian territories, which are now considered safe.

He argued that there is a contradiction between Mikati’s announcement that Lebanon refuses to become an alternative country and the call for the return of displaced persons to their countries, especially those who entered Lebanon after 2016 for purely economic reasons, and what was announced by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. She mentioned that the financial package worth one billion Euros would primarily be spent on providing equipment
and training for border management to help Lebanon manage migration, prevent illegal migration, and combat immigrant smuggling to Europe from the Lebanese coasts. This means that the primary goal of European support is to ensure that Syrians do not migrate to Europe, not to alleviate Lebanon’s burden and host Syrians in Europe.

Gemayel argued that the Lebanese people deserve to know the truth and be reassured about the future of their country after all the tragedies they have suffered.

He emphasized that we must preserve the sovereignty of the Lebanese state, the unity of its territories, and the identity of its people against any endeavors or plans that might affect its delicate demographic balance or undermine the foundations of its existence and stability in the long term.

Gemayel called for the necessary measures to be taken to dispel any ambiguity or confusion in this sensitive and important matter.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon