Sheikh Janki and Al-Abadi discuss the political, economic and security situation in Iraq and the upcoming elections

Baghdad The joint Head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Lahore Sheikh Janki, discussed with the former Prime Minister and head of Al-Nasr Alliance Haider al-Abadi the political, economic and security situation in Iraq and the upcoming elections.

The website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan stated that Sheikh Janki received today, Monday in Sulaymaniyah, al-Abadi, and they talked about the upcoming elections for the House of Representatives and the holding of fair elections on their scheduled time in order to make the process successful and carry out reforms and changes in the country.

During the meeting, the joint Head stressed the need to intensify the efforts of all Kurdish and Iraqi parties and to conduct a serious dialogue in order to reach common visions for a real solution to all problems and control of differences, and that there be unity of the national rank on all sensitive and fateful issues that protect the country from all problems and fragmentation and achieve stability, security and services for citizens in the Kurdistan region and Iraq.

The website indicated that, during the interview, the two sides unanimously agreed to deal wisely with regard to the internal conspiracies facing the Kurdistan region and the Patriotic Union, and in this regard, Sheikh Janki thanked al-Abadi for his support and realistic positions, noting that al-Abadi confirmed that the protection of the Patriotic Union for us is at the foreground.

In another aspect of the interview, there was talk about the outstanding problems between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government, where Lahore Sheikh Janki said that the position of our party in continuing the discussions and resorting to the constitution and the commitment of the two parties to the agreements between them, in order to solve the outstanding problems and secure financial dues for the Kurdistan region and salaries of the staff.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency