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Kerry: Israel ‘Heading to a Place of Danger’ : 04-12-2016

WASHINGTON � Remarks by the U.S. secretary of state on Sunday are being quickly interpreted by the Israeli media as harsh criticism and undiplomatic.

Before a predominately pro-Israel audience in Washington, John Kerry warned that the Jewish state is "heading …

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American Volunteer Who Died Fighting in Syria Was Kurd Loyalist : 03-12-2016

It was a passion for the Kurdish cause that drove Californian Michael Israel to fight on the front lines in northern Syria against the Islamic State group.

Israel, 26, died fighting for that mission.

Kurdish authorities late this week identified …

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2 Car Bombs Destroyed In Repelling An Attack To Daesh On The Left Coast Sharqat : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / The commander of (We Are Coming Nineveh Operations), Abdul Amir Yarallah announced that "The units of the 60th Brigade repelled an exposure to gangs of terrorist Daesh on the left coast in Sharqat district and managed to destroy …

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Parliament’s Presidency, Heads Of Blocs Hold a Meeting With the Finance Committee To Resolve Differences In The Budget : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / The Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the heads of political blocs hold a meeting with the parliamentary finance committee to resolve the differences of the budget.

A parliamentary source told the National Iraqi News Agency / …

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Al-Abadi -We are ready to secure the Region salaries in case of receiving oil revenues to the federal government : 03-12-2016

KIRKUK / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said that the Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi promised to secure the budget for the salaries of the Kurdistan Region in the event of Region hands over oil revenues to the federal …

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PMF Evacuate 16750 People From Outskirts Of Tal Afar To Ahzan Village : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / The popular mobilization forces announced the evacuation of 16,750 people from areas adjacent to the district of Tall Afar, west of Mosul to Ahzan village.

A statement by the popular mobilization said, "The security Directorate of the popular …

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President of the Security Council Of Kurdistan To Travel To US : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / The President of the Security Council of the province of Kurdistan, Masror Barzani arrived in the US capital Washington to meet with senior officials in the current and future administrations.

A statement by the provincial government said that …

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Conference in Abu Dhabi To Protect Cultural Heritage And Archaeological In Conflict Zones : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / Representatives from dozens of countries in Abu Dhabi gathered to discuss the possibility of setting up a fund worth / 100 / million dollars to protect and restore the heritage and archaeological sites threatened by extremism and war.…

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Iraqi Forces Kill 20 And Arrest 11 North Of Mosul : 03-12-2016

Mosul / 20 terrorists were killed while trying to sneak a second time to the liberated areas, north of Mosul, according to a security source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "Daesh crept into three liberated …

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Sadr Calls Saudi, Egypt and Iran To Contribute To Strengthen Islamic Unity : 03-12-2016

Najaf / The Sadrist leader, Muqtada al-Sadr called Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt on the occasion of the week to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, calling them to entrench Islamic unity and protect Islamic sanctities.

Sadr called, in …

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Politics News


The Media Center Of Daesh Found South Of Hamam al-Alil : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / Federal Police Chief Lt. Gen, Raed Shakir Jawdat announced that the media center for Daesh found south of Hamam al-Alil.

Jawdat said in a statement today that "the federal police forces found the media center of Daash in …

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British Minister Confirms His Country’s Support To Resolve Outstanding Issues Between Erbil and Baghdad Through Negotiation : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / British Minister of International Development, Roy Stewart, confirmed his country's support to resolve the outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad through negotiation and understanding.

A statement by the presidency of the Kurdistan region stated that, "Prime Minister, Nechirvan …

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Anbar Governor: Security Forces and PMF Freed 85% Of The province : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / The governor of Anbar province Suhaib al-Rawi that 85% of the territory of the province has been liberated.

Rawi said in a brief statement that "the security forces and the popular mobilization forces managed to free 85% of …

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Popular Mobilization Kill a Number Of Terrorists West Of Mosul : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / Popular Mobilization Forces killed on Saturday, a number of Daesh militants carried out a failure attack on liberated Zalat village in western Mosul.

A statement by the popular mobilization forces said, "The field engineering units of the PMF …

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Nechirvan Barzani Hails Australia Role In The Int’l Coalition Against Daesh : 04-12-2016

BAGHDAD / President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani praised the role of Australia in the international coalition against terror Daesh and continuous support for the region.

Barzani, during a meeting in Arbil with Australian Ambassador Christopher Lankman, according …

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Entertainment News

Carter: US Must Stay in Iraq, Ensure IS Stays Defeated : 04-12-2016

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA � The American military, along with its international partners, will need to remain in Iraq even after the expected defeat of the Islamic State group, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Saturday.

Carter said the U.S. and its …

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UNITED NATIONS, -- The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in coordination with its partner, Muslim Aid, has been stepping up assistance to displaced Iraqis and residents in the newly retaken towns and villages east of Mosul in north Iraq, China's …

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Security Forces Seize 4 Heavy Guns Used By Daesh, East Of Mosul : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / NINA/ Security forces seized four heavy guns, east of Mosul.

The intelligence source told the National Iraqi News Agency / "The detachments of military intelligence in the 16th Army Division managed to grab four heavy guns 155 mm …

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Iraq’s Representative In UN: Turkish Troops On Iraqi Soil Occupying Forces Legally and Politically : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / Permanent Representative of Iraq's UN Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim underlined that Iraq rejected the presence of Turkish troops on its territory, and from a legal and political standpoint they are hostile occupying forces.

During a meeting with the …

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The US Vice President-elect confirms to / Barzani / Washington’s support for the Kurdistan region : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / US Vice President-elect Mike Pence confirmed in a telephone call yesterday evening, with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the President-elect support to the people of Kurdistan.

He noted that he had visited the Kurdistan Region earlier, expressing …

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General News


الإعلان عن إنشاء تحالف دولي للتجارة النزيهة : 06-12-2016

شيكاغو، 6 كانون الأول/ديسمبر، 2016 / بي آر نيوزواير / — شكلت شركات تصنيع الألومنيوم من جميع أنحاء العالم تحالفا مصمما لترويج والدفاع عن ممارسات التجارة النزيهة. التحالف الدولي للتجارة  النزيهة هو منظمة غير ربحية تم إنشاؤها للجمع بين مصنعي

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Announcing IFTA: International Fair Trade Alliance : 06-12-2016

CHICAGO, Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Aluminum extruders from around the world have formed an alliance designed to promote and defend fair trade practices. The International Fair Trade Alliance (IFTA) is a non-profit organization created to bring together aluminum extrusion

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Fragrance Du Bois Extends its Prive Collection : 06-12-2016

PARIS, Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Spurred on by the success of its exquisite range of products and expanding global reach, Fragrance Du Bois is adding three new creations to its exclusive Prive collection.

Heritage, Parisian Oud and Amber Intense

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‫علامة DAVIDOFF الرائدة تطرح مجموعة الساعات الأنيقة الجديدة ESSENTIALS NO.1 : 06-12-2016

اعتمد تصميم المجموعة الجديدة لساعات Essentials على البساطة والأناقة

حرصت علامة Davidoff  الرائدة عند ابتكارها لمجموعة ESSENTIALS لأزرار الأكمام والاكسسوارات الجلدية على بساطة التصميم كما عوّدنا المبدع Zino Davidoff مؤسس علامة Davidoff الرائجة. وحرصاً على اكتمال أناقة كل رجل عصري,

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‫طيران ناس يدشن 4  رحلات جديده بين الدمام وأبوظبي : 05-12-2016

ابتداءً من 23 ديسمبر 2016م

الرياض – 22 نوفمبر : أعلن طيران ناس، الناقل الوطني السعودي، عن تدشينه خط جديد بين الدمام وأبو ظبي وذلك في خطوة جديدة نحو تعزيز شبكة رحلاته الدولية وربط مطار الملك فهد الدولي بالدمام بمطارأبوظبي

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Education News

What Happens to Millions of Syrian Refugees if Assad Remains in Power? : 04-12-2016

ISTANBUL, TURKEY � The Syrian conflict has uprooted more than five million Syrians who have fled to neighboring states and Europe to maintain resistance against President Bashar al-Assad or to escape the airstrikes and barrel bombs, as well as fighting …

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Masum Meets McGurk, Confirms Iraq’s Ability To Be a Leading Regional Power : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / President Fuad Masum said "Iraq can shift, in a short period, into a leading and confident regional power in promoting peace and stability and promote the progress and development in the region, pointing out to the efficiency of …

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Barham Salih and Macgork confirm the importance of overcoming the political, security and economic crises : 03-12-2016

BAGHDAD / The Second Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, and the Special Representative of the US President in the International Coalition against / Daesh / Brett Macgork confirmed the importance of overcoming the political, …

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GENEVA, -- Some 77,826 civilians have fled Mosul and its adjacent districts since Iraq's military operations to recapture Mosul, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported Friday.

"We are deeply concerned about both the displaced and host communities' ability to …

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Iraqi Forces Kill 10 Terrorists After Infiltrating In Bakar and Akka Areas East of Mosul : 03-12-2016

Mosul / Dozens of Daesh militants infiltrated to Bakar and Akka areas, which were freed last Thursday by the anti-terror forces, "according to a military source.

Capt. Ahmed al-Obeidi told the Iraqi National News Agency / that "Daesh militants infiltrated …

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