Maliki: The Religious Authority’s Position Represents A New Opportunity To Resume The Unconditional Dialogue With The Kurds

BAGHDAD – Vice president, Nouri al-Maliki confirmed that the position of the supreme religious authority on the referendum of Kurdistan represents a new opportunity to resume the unconditional dialogue.

Maliki said in a press statement: “The statement issued by the supreme religious authority on the referendum in the Kurdistan region is a basis for the resumption of unconditional dialogue between the federal government and the provincial government, and the statement of the supreme religious authority represents a safety valve for the unity of Iraq and its sovereignty is cornerstone in the national vision which we and all the national forces are constantly affirm.”

He stressed “the need to resort to the Constitution to resolve differences between the center and the region and refrain from the bullying abroad policy, which has always proved that it does not achieve the national interest sought by the Iraqi people in all components and will bring only the destruction of our dear Iraqi people of all its components without exception, with our confirmation of positive relations with the regional and international countries “.

“The opportunity is still there to avoid sliding Iraq into a new dark tunnel,” he said. “We are going to eliminate the terrorist organization (Daesh) that we do not broadcast a secret when we say it was planned to dismantle Iraq on sectarian and ethnic grounds.”

Maliki renewed his demand to cancel the referendum and its results, as a first step to correct the relationship between the federal government and the region under the roof of the Constitution, which voted by all the people of Iraq in 2005, including the Kurds.

He continued: “We firmly believe that the separation of the Kurdistan region will damage the Kurds in particular and Iraq in general, and the dismantling of Iraq on the basis of sectarian will be in the interest of foreign agendas.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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