A Military Operation Launched In North-West Of Baquba To Track Daesh Sleeping Cells

Baquba - A military operation was launched in the province of Diyala to track Daesh sleeping cells in the areas north-west of Baquba today.

The leader of the popular mobilization forces, Ahmed Hussein al-Tamimi told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that "a joint security forces of Diyala police and Tigris operations command, backed by the 24th Brigade of the popular mobilization began to carry out a large sweep of agricultural orchards in Hadid, Aswad, and Kasasiah, northwest of Baquba in search of Daesh sleeping cells, who are trying to find safe havens in the region and carry out terrorist attacks targeting security forces and civilians.

He added that the military operation is aimed to destroy the dens of Daesh and their hideouts and prevent the organization from achieving its criminal goals. Adding that the results of the operation will be announced in the coming hours.

It is mentioned that an armed group attacked a security checkpoint stationed near a funeral in Hadid area, northwest of Baquba, killing one soldier and wounding two others last week.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency