A number of terrorists of Daesh killed in an air strikes by the international coalition aircraft in Daquq

BAGHDAD / killing of a A number of elements of Daesh were killed in aerial bombardment by the Coalition Aircraft on the strongholds of Daesh terrorists in a village in Daquq.

The official of Daquq Committee of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Idris Haji Ali told the website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, "said that the coalition aircraft bombed yesterday evening, a stronghold to Daesh in Hadi Jaffray village in Daquq, which led to the killing of more than a dozen of terrorists from Daesh and burning two military vehicles."

Haj Ali said that the coalition aircraft also bombed Hammad Al-Jadea home, which the terrorist organization took as a base in the village, killing all the terrorists who were in the house".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency