A Prison For Daesh Found In The Center Of Liberated Kairouan District

BAGHDAD -The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) today found a prison to Daesh in the center of liberated Kairouan district west of Mosul.

"The 40th Brigade in the popular mobilization found a prison inside a house in the liberated Kairouan district," the popular mobilization said in a statement, adding that "the prison was for Daesh and used to detain abducted Yazidis arrested by the organization."

The statement added that the prison consists of a small place, including various methods of torture, as well as lashing civilians on the pretext of violation.

The Popular mobilization Forces liberated the center of the Kairouan district west of Mosul, in a night-time operation in which the enemy suffered heavy losses of lives and equipment.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency