Al-Kaabi Calls On Arab Countries To Support The First Arab Cause, “Palestine”, Until The End Of The Occupation

Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al Kaabi, called on all Arab countries to support the first Arab cause, “Palestine”, until the end of this occupation from our Palestinian Arab land.

During his meeting today with the Egyptian Deputy Ambassador in Baghdad Hazem Al-Shorbaji, Al-Kaabi praised the position of Egypt, the government and people, with the Palestinian people and the aggression they are facing by the Zionist entity that killed dozens of al-Quds residents and the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza City. He also appreciated Egypt’s initiative to open the borders with Gaza City to receive and treat the wounded Palestinians, as well as its prominent role in resolving the crisis.

On the importance of economic openness between Iraq and Egypt, the Egyptian Deputy Ambassador emphasized the growing volume of trade cooperation between Baghdad and Cairo, as well as the volume of investments, indicating the existence of mutual desires to expand them during the next stage.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency