Al-Mutlaq discussed with the Kuwaiti Ambassador the files of security, economy and Arab relations

BAGHDAD - Secretary General of the National Dialogue Front Saleh al-Mutlaq discussed with Kuwaiti Ambassador Salim al-Zamnan, the files of security, economy and Arab relations.

Al Mutlaq office said in a statement that "during the meeting, they discussed brotherly relations and means of enhancing them in the interest of the two neighboring peoples."

Al-Mutlaq appreciated the policy of balance that characterized the State of Kuwait, pointing out that the relations between the Arab countries have been and are still being driven by several factors, including the form of political and economic interaction between the Arab regimes together with the internal policies of those regimes with their peoples, And human rights.

He added that what happened to Iraq from Arab isolation and security and social problems could be remedied if the Arab governments dealt with the Iraqi file positively, opening the way for the transfer of these problems from one Arab country to another and paying everyone, and still pay, the bill of the spread of terrorism and sectarianism and economic and political crises.

The two sides also discussed the future of Iraq and the post-Daesh period, in addition to the support provided by the State of Kuwait to the Iraqi cities and provinces.

The Kuwaiti Ambassador expressed Kuwait's determination to continue supporting the Iraqi people, hoping to achieve decisive victory and liberate all Iraqi cities from the control of the criminal Daesh.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency