An Attempt To Sneak Into Karbala Across Nukhayib Foiled

Karbala / The security forces foiled an attempt to "Daesh" in Karbala to infiltrate into the provinces of Najaf and Karbala across Nukhayib desert.

A statement for the popular mobilization in Karbala said: "The popular mobilization Forces Brigade 19 clashed with a group of " Daesh " terrorists in western Anbar province and specifically in the kilometer 160 area between and (al-Saqqar) toward the Nukhayib desert, where the group tried to sneak toward the Nukhayib desert and then to the north-west of Karbala and Najaf areas. "

The statement added that "the clash resulted in the killing of six terrorists and injuring others and burning an SUV carrying weapons while the rest of them were forced to withdraw.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency