Angry People Burn A House to Daesh. Seven Daesh Terrorists Killed West of Kirkuk

KIRKUK /A security source said that unknown gunmen in Hawija burned a house belongs to one of the leaders of Daesh west of Kirkuk.

The source told the correspondent of /that "Unidentified men angered by the approach and behavior of Daesh especially in the treatment of families fleeing from the south and west of Kirkuk regions, burned at dawn today a house of one of the leaders of Daesh in Subhi al-Tahtani village of Zab within the district of Hawija, west of Kirkuk, which is still under Daesh control.

In another subject, seven Daesh terrorists were killed while preparing a booby-trapped vehicle inside one of the houses in Hawija.

The source said the seven militants were killed as they prepared a booby-trapped vehicle near the council building and the local administration of Hawija .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency