The Badr Organization has condemned the US attack in al-Baghdadi district, because it has a negative impact on efforts to combat terrorism and the relationship between the two countries.

A statement from Badr Organization condemned the blatant assault by US forces on our forces stationed in the city of al-Baghdadi district of Anbar.

The organization demanded, in its statement, the prime minister and the concerned parties to conduct an urgent and accurate investigation into the circumstances of the incident to identify the perpetrators and to hold them accountable, since these attacks have been repeated more than once by US forces.

It considered that it would adversely affect anti-terrorism efforts and the relationship between the two countries.

The organization offered condolences to the families of the martyrs, asking the Almighty to grant them mercy and forgiveness and to heal the wounded of our heroic forces.

The joint operations command opened an investigation into the targeting of the aircraft of the International Coalition to the insurgents in al-Baghdadi district, killing and wounding a number of fighters.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency