Barzani: If Federalism Was Applied In A Positive Spirit, All Problems In Iraq Would Have Been Solved

Baghdad - "The problems of Iraq would have been solved if the federalism in the country had been applied in a positive spirit," Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan region said.

Barzani said in an interview with the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram that " if the federalism in Iraq was applied in a positive spirit, all problems of the country would have been solved, but they worked in Baghdad from the beginning to diminish the federalism and even hostile those who demanded it, as they did in Basra, Salahuddin and Mosul. "

"The Constitution defines Iraq as a federal state, and in another article, the constitution grants any province or three provinces the right to establish a federation for them, but in Baghdad they violated the constitution and stopped the application of this article," he said.

On some observers' question about the legality of organizing the referendum in September, Barzani explained that "the referendum depends mainly on the source of legislation, the people, and it does not require the permission of any party, it is a very normal democratic practice, in developed and democratic countries, they organize referendums on many things, because they realize that the last and legal decision is the opinion and decision of the people."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency