Bayyati: INA Support Holding Any Political Conference Inside Iraq

Baghdad - A member of the House of Representatives for the Iraqi National Alliance, Abass al-Bayyati announced fully support to any political conference held inside Iraq, especially the announcement of the President of the parliament to hold a reconciliation conference mid-next month.

"We support holding such conferences inside Iraq and we consider them a positive step, since Iraq is the country that should be dealt with within its internal affairs away from the holding conferences abroad," he told the .

"We have previously rejected and will continue to strongly reject holding conferences abroad because others cannot interfere in our internal affairs," al-Bayyati said.

He also expressed his hope that "the conference will be held within Iraq to crystallize a political reference to the liberated areas, as well as to unify their vision and program to engage in a political process more effectively and commensurate with the requirements of the post-Daesh phase."

As for the presence of those wanted by the judiciary, al-Bayyati said that "this is the jurisdiction of the judiciary alone, which decides on their matter, whether in terms of attendance or not or related to their legal status and no power to the executive branch or politicians because it is a purely judicial order and the judiciary is independent."

He added that "those wanted by the judiciary is determined by the judiciary at the basic level, which has already issued verdicts, therefore judiciary has the independence in its decisions, which is the right to implement its decision."

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri announced the convening of a reconciliation conference in the middle of next month in Baghdad, involving opposition figures

Source: National Iraqi News Agency