The Iranian Authorities announced the discovery of the bodies of 30 people from the passengers of the crashed plane belonging to the “Asman” airways that was crashed last Sunday in the area of Smirm south of Isfahan province.

“Thirty bodies have been recovered from the victims of the disaster, and the efforts are being made to find the rest of the bodies,” the governor of Kahiluya and Buwaier Ahmad Mohammad Ahmadi was quoted by IRNA as saying.

“The lack of improvement in the overall weather conditions and the urgency of the region did not provide the possibility of air relief operations and rescue teams could only be sent by land,” Ahmadi said.

Iranian authorities announced on Sunday that an Iranian passenger plane ATR carrying 66 people (60 passengers and six crew members) had disappeared from the radar and later discovered that it had crashed in the highlands of the Badna region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency