British Praises The Readiness Of KRG For Dialogue With The Federal Government

Baghdad, British Ambassador to Iraq John Wilkes praised the readiness of the Kurdistan region for dialogue with the federal government.

A statement by the provincial government said that “Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani met yesterday evening and in the presence of his deputy Kebad Talabani, Britain’s new ambassador to Iraq, John Wilkes.”

The statement quoted Wilkes as “expressing the condolences of Queen Elizabeth II to the victims of the earthquake that hit Kurdistan last week and Britain’s readiness to send aid” expressing “the support of his country to the Kurdistan Regional Government and to have strong relations with the Kurdistan Regional Government. ”

He praised “the positions of the Kurdistan Regional Government towards the latest developments and tensions with Baghdad and its attempts to calm the situation and create a stable and suitable atmosphere for dialogue.”

He stressed “the need to strengthen relations between the Kurdistan region and Britain and developed them more than before, in response to the ideology of Daesh terrorist organization after the military defeat.”

For his part, Barzani stressed the importance of cooperation of the regional government and Britain.

He pointed to the permanent desire of the region in a serious dialogue with Baghdad away from violence, and it is essential that the international community play its role in creating an appropriate ground for dialogue between the two sides.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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