Central oil regains its luster and drops the police

The runner-up, the police team, fell by the trap of Al-Wasat Naft and lost with a goal in the match that was held this evening at Karbala International Stadium for the 25th round of the Premier League.

Naft Al Wasat team played a big match and embarrassed the police team by possessing the ball and got a penalty kick in the 31st minute, including Sajjad Jassem scoring the goal of progress and closing the spaces on the Police team, and the first half ended with this goal.

In the second half, despite the rush of the police, the danger of Al-Wasat Oil was greater, as the post responded to a shot by Karar Jassem and Hussein Abdul Wahid missed the opportunity to consolidate the score after he missed a penalty kick in the 83rd minute, and substitute Zulfikar Ayed missed a valuable opportunity after receiving a cross pass from Karrar and put him against the goalkeeper. But he slowed down in execution to miss a valuable opportunity, and the match ended with Naft Al Wasat winning 1-0.

Naft Al-Wasat raised his balance to point 42 in fifth place, while the police had frozen at point 46 in second place temporarily.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency