Commander of the Tigris Operations: We will not allow Daesh gangs to achieve a foothold on the land of Diyala

BAGHDAD / " Commander of the Tigris Operations Lieutenant General Mezher al-Azzawi said that the province of Diyala is witnessing a stable security after the pre-emptive operations carried out by the security forces in the hunt for Daesh terrorist gangs .

Al-Azzawi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the security forces will not allow Daesh elements to find a foothold on the land of Diyala, after fleeing the areas of operations to liberate Mosul," asserting that the security forces killed (13) elements of Daesh in Ameri and Hamrin.

He added that the intelligence agencies played an important and pivotal role in dealing with organized crime gangs, where in recent months it has been able to dismantle several networks of kidnapping and armed robbery."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency