Daesh Arrests Dozens Of Young West of Kirkuk On Charges Of Spying and Leaking Information About Daesh To Security Forces

KIRKUK / A security source in Kirkuk province said Daesh militants arrested dozens of young people in the district of Hawija on charges of spying and leaking information about Daesh and movements of the security forces.

The source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / that "Daesh embarked since last night arrests many young people in the villages of Tel Ali, Makoor, Sharia and Shawok, particularly ex-military personnel in the Twelfth Division of the Iraqi army, which was deployed south and west of Kirkuk before the events of June 2014.

Daesh arrested, so far, more than 30 youths on charges of spying and cooperation with the Iraqi security forces that have become on the outskirts of Zab near the Tigris River west of Hawija and took them to an unknown destination.

In a related development, eight members of Daesh were killed and 14 others injured in the bombing of the international coalition aircraft targeted buildings were Daesh militants were holed up in central Hawija west of Kirkuk .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency