Daesh executed four of his leaders because of their failure in the attacks of the Ramadhan invasion in Diyala

Baquba / Daesh organization executed four of its most prominent leaders after failing to implement their criminal schemes to destabilize and security of Diyala.

A security official in Diyala told the today that Daesh organization and according to intelligence available to us executed four of its most prominent leaders within the so-called Diyala state because of their failure to carry out the attacks of the invasion of Ramadan, which ended in failure after the response of the security forces with all courage to those terrorist plots.

He added that Daesh failed to achieve its terrorist targets on the land of Diyala and that the repeated execution of its leadership is an evidence of its defeat and inability to achieve results, despite the use of elements that were brought from its strongholds in Kirkuk and Salahuddin to attack Diyala.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency