Daesh Executes 13 Leaders Of The Organization Due To Escape From Tal Afar

Mosul / Daesh organization conducted a campaign of execution to some of its leaders due to their escape from the district of Tall Afar, west of Mosul, according to a military source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / "Daesh organization carried out a campaign of mass executions amid (Qalaa) Castle district in Tal Afar against 13 of the leaders of Daesh including Arabs and foreigners because of their escape from the district to Syria for fear of breaking into the district by the Iraqi forces that are spread on the outskirts of the district in preparation to break into.

The source added that Daesh executed leaders and threw their bodies and threatened to execute the defeatists of its fighters, or those who think to escape from the battlefield.

On a related matter a member of the Peshmerga was killed and three others wounded during an attack by Daesh against the Peshmerga forces in the axis of Sinjar, northwest of Mosul.

The source continued: "The Peshmerga forces managed to repel the attack on Camp Sinjar, and killed a suicide bomber and five others terrorists , and forced most of Daesh militants to flee" ./

Source: National Iraqi News Agency