Some media published a statement attributed to Mr. Majid Nasraoui the governor of Basra on the purchase Taqh.oukd project included inaccurate information and Mojtzoh.tthbyta facts affirm that it was reviewing all technical aspects, economic, legal and objectivity during the Energy Committee meeting on 05.07.2017, and as following;

1. Technically, the need to run the project mainly to modify Al?olteh and lifting north of Basra, and run the line (?rmh- ?rnh) is no longer needed for the project, which does not represent produce significant limits the amount of 120 megawatts compared to the large output in Basra, which exceeded 2700 megawatts .

2. On the one hand, the unit price stated in the contract price (7 cents) is very high compared with (3.2) cents contracts and other investment, in addition to forcing the state to receive or quantity (60%) of the design capacity without running, the both cases It is a waste of public money.

3. It is legally no right to maintain the contract and payment from the Ministry of Electricity represented revenue collection, and the legal adviser said can not be ratified.

4. On the one hand, the process of machinery, as officials in the Ministry of Electricity said still in the port and the possibility of operating this summer is not possible .obina on the data above have been refused acceptance contract.

5. did not get approval from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers (as stated in the Governor's statement) nor from the Prime Minister's Office. If the attached book in the statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister was asked to refer to the province of Basra, the Ministry of Electricity Ministry mentioned as the owner of jurisdiction. The book came in the office that reads (the statement of opinion and inform us so that we can take the necessary)

So necessary to note

Source: Republic of Iraq