Deryan on commemoration of Prophet’s birth: We must support PM designate to form cabinet

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdulatif Deryan, said on Sunday during the commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammad, that all political factions must put aside their personal gains for the sake of public interest and aid PM-designate Saad Hariri in forming a Cabinet the soonest possible.

Deryan touched on the life story of Prophet Mohammad, noting that he was an orphan who understood the suffering of young children.

“Perhaps it was God’s wisdom to make him represent the children of the world…the day of the birth of our orphaned Prophet should be a day to celebrate innocent childhood,” said the Mufti, recalling the atrocities committed against children of Iraq and Syria.

“A quarter of the victims of the massacres in Syria are children. And 60% of those homeless in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are children.”

Although the birth of the Prophet was a day to celebrate children, it was also a day of manhood and strength.

Deryan’s address focused on the political situation in the country, urging all political leaders to help Hariri finalize cabinet lineup.

“Deliberations over ministerial portfolios should not be an obstacle in the path of a unifying Cabinet.”




Source: National News Agency

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