“Doctor Muawiya” Of Daesh Killed In An Aerial Bombing West Of Kirkuk

KIRKUK / A security source in Kirkuk announced the killing of one of the most prominent leaders of Daesh organization in an aerial bombing targeted a site for Daesh amid Hawija district, west of Kirkuk.

The source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: The international coalition bombed a site for Daesh includes a medic detachment to treat Daesh fighters, killing Islam Taha al-Obeidi, also known as "Doctor Muawiya."

The source indicated that the Dr. is considered one of the prominent leaders in the first line of the organization and who is treating the injured leaders of Daesh in the battles and also considered as great treasure of the organization .. stressing that the bombing, which targeted a house including a medical detachment where Dr. Muawiya killed and four others were with him.

The area south and west of Kirkuk are under the control of Daesh since June 2014.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency