Finance Committee: Abadi Reached Consensus With The Oil-Producing Provinces And Coalition Of Forces In Budget


The parliamentary financial committee revealed the demands that have been agreed with Prime Minister Haider Abadi in the general budget.

A member of the Committee Hossam al-Aqabi, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /, “The Prime Minister Haider Abadi reached a solution to two crises by consensus through his participation in the meetings of the Finance Committee to discuss the draft federal budget law 2018 and the demands of the blocs.

He explained that “Abadi agreed with the coalition of forces around a set of points, including to pay salaries saved to employees of the liberated provinces as nominal salaries in the form of payments and the possibility of budget.”

He added that “it was agreed to hire the (Sahwa fighters) who are still continuing their work and participant in the maintenance of the liberated land and continue to work without additions and allocation of salaries to them,” noting that “the transfer of powers to the liberated provinces will be implemented similar to other provinces and establish explicit text in the budget.”

On the demands of the oil-producing provinces, he explained that “it was agreed on wording an article written in budget to ensure the past and subsequent dues to the provinces and Basra in particular. And to be paid depending on the abundance in the budget, as well as install a share of 5% of the petrodollar to be drafted by a legal guarantee the previous and subsequent receivables to the provinces as well. ”

On the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance, al-Aqabi said that “the Kurdish blocs raised in the meeting of the Finance Committee not to enter their deputies to the parliament session, because they did not agree with Abadi on their demands.”

The House of Representatives postponed the second reading and discuss the draft budget law because of the imbalance of the quorum yesterday.

Source: National Iraqi news Agency