Former Iranian President passes away

Tehran - The official Iranian news agency "IRNA" announced, on Sunday, the death of Head of the Expediency Council in Iran, senior founder of the Islamic Republic, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, after suffering from a heart attack.

The late Iranian former President was born on August 25, 1934, to a wealthy family in the town of Bahraman, a suburb of the city of Rafsanjan in the province of Kerman in southeastern Iran.

Rafsanjani received his early religious education at a local school, and then in Hawzat Qom at the hands of senior scholars.

Under the Shah's rule, Rafsanjani had several opposition activities, which later shaped him into becoming an earnest political activist in 1961, and he became a supporter of Imam Khomeini's cause. He later took on the pro-Khomeini forces management in Iran, and was arrested by the "Safak" because of his political activism 7 times, whereby he spent 4 years and 5 months in prison.

After the victory of the Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the late Rafsanjani took over the post of Parliament Speaker for two terms between 1980 and 1989. He was then appointed by Khomeini, during the last years of the Iran-Iraq war which ended in 1988, as Acting Armed Forces Chief Commander.

Rafsanjani later became Iranian President for two terms from August 3, 1989 to August 2, 1997.

Source: National News Agency