Hakim: Approving The Popular Mobilization Act Is Important National Step

BAGHDAD / The head of the National Coalition Ammar al-Hakim considered adopting the popular mobilization Act an important national step for the national settlement that the National Alliance intends to present it in the future.

Hakim said at a news conference today, that "some political forces have not get conviction to vote on the law, and through their statements, they have some observations and details to be added to the law, but not lack of approval."

The House of Representatives had voted on the popular mobilization Act at today's meeting.

The Chairman of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim said that the next steps will be to remove premonitions from the other political blocs, concerning the draft law of the popular mobilization, adding that the National Alliance will form a committee to connect with the rest of the blocs in this regard.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency