Hamami: We Will Equip Warships With Sophisticated Night Observation Devices

BAGHDAD - The Ministry of Transport intends, in the coming days, to equip the warships of the command of the naval force with ten night binoculars of the latest models corresponding to the best techniques used in this area.

Transport Minister Kazem al-Hamami said in a press statement that "these binoculars were imported from European origin and capable of night monitoring and investigation in the dark and very long distances over open water, with the extent that gives our crews of the warships enormous capabilities in monitoring in a manner that includes simplicity , using these advanced techniques. "

He added that "fruitful cooperation between the Ministries of Transport and Defense reflects a wonderful image of interaction, harmony in order to ensure the safety of maritime passages and navigational channels dedicated to the passage of shipping vessels and other vessels frequented by our ports."

The Minister of Transport directed to restore the classrooms and the swimming pool and to complete all deficiencies of the leadership building to provide a suitable reality for work.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency