Hariri receives Arab and International Relations Council

Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this afternoon at the "Center House" a delegation representing the Arab and International Relations Council, headed by the former Chairman of the Arab Parliament Mohammad Jassim al-Saqr.

It included the Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi, Premier Fouad Siniora, the former Jordanian Prime Minister Taher Masri and Ambassador Muhammad Salal.

After the meeting, al-Saqr said: "We had the honor to meet today with the President, the Speaker and caretaker Prime Minister. Then we met with designate Prime Minister Saad Hariri and conveyed to him the congratulations of the Council and all Arabs on the election of a president and on his designation to form the new government. We also discussed local Lebanese issues and Arab security issues.

We wished Premier Hariri success in forming the government because for us Lebanon is a very important country, and stability in it would help stability in the region. We don't exaggerate when we say that Beirut was the capital of the Arabs in the sixties and seventies and now it has a great chance to regain this role. But this cannot be achieved without stability and civil peace. We hope that Premier Hariri will form the government rapidly, and that Lebanon will enjoy stability, security and prosperity".

Source: National News Agency