Ibrahim: New Lebanese mediator in kidnapped soldiers’ dossier with Daesh

General Security Director General, Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, disclosed, on Saturday, that "a new Lebanese agent is seriously working on a mediating role in the issue of the kidnapped soldiers with Daesh organization."

Speaking in a TV interview to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, Ibrahim hoped that "the new mediator would succeed in achieving something tangible in return for all the hard work and efforts exerted in this respect," adding that "this dossier will never be abandoned until the desired ending is reached."

"At first, we must extend our greetings on the occasion of the New Year, with the hope that it would bring a solution to this very complex issue, which we are certainly determined to end," Ibrahim went on.

He added: "The situation in our surrounding region, from the inflamed conditions in Syria to Iraq, and recently Jordan, reflects on the local Lebanese scene, and all the negative indicators around us could have affected the political and security conditions in the country."

"However, what has been achieved at the political level, thus far, has formed a huge political cover that enabled us to work more effectively," Ibrahim underscored.

"For these reasons, we are ready for the challenge today," he said, adding that, "2017 will not be worse than 2016, in spite of all that is happening in Syria, which motivates us to further coordinate between ourselves as security apparatuses ."

Ibrahim continued to indicate that, "We are following-up closely on a lot of issues and terrorist cells. Recently, we have arrested one of the terrorists in the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon who was preparing for a suicide attack. We are fully carrying out these tasks and coordinating amongst each other as army, internal security forces and state security."

He added: "Undoubtedly, the risk is huge, for we do not live in an island that is isolated from its surroundings, but we are part of this region and must interact with everything that is happening in its field."

Ibrahim concluded by saying: "The risk is always present and the challenges do exist, but we shall continue with our relentless work and strong will and determination to protect the Lebanese and safeguard our homeland."

Source: National News Agency