INA Discusses The Roadmap It Sees After The Liberation of Mosul

BAGHDA � the leadership of the Iraqi National Alliance discussed the road map that the alliance sees after the liberation of Mosul with its political, economic, and security aspects.

The leadership of the National Alliance headed by Ammar al-Hakim, the head of the alliance, discussed "the most important axes included in the meeting of the Alliance and the priorities after the liberation and the timing of the announcement of the national reconciliation and the referendum to be held in the Kurdistan region and the outcomes of Baghdad conferences."

The participants praised the victories achieved by our security forces from the army, the federal police, anti- terrorism, the popular and tribal mobilization and the Peshmerga in the battles of liberating Mosul, stressing the perpetuation of the momentum of the battle to liberate the remaining strategic areas still under the control of Daesh gangs.

The leadership stressed the unity of Iraq, stressing the decision of the General Assembly of the National Alliance to reject the referendum in the Kurdistan region, while supporting any meeting taking place under the roof of the state and government and law and the land of the Iraqi capital Baghdad if its outputs call for unity and cohesion and national discourse.

At the end of the meeting, the participants renewed the call for the government to work on the recommendations of the National Alliance regarding the pensions of members of the provincial councils."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency