The governor of Qasrshirin (West), Framers Akbari announced the reopening of the border crossing between Iran and Iraq on Tuesday.

“after following up this matter in Tehran and Baghdad, commercial and border activities have been resumed at Pervez Khan border crossing again,” Akbari was quoted by the official IRNA as saying.

“Pervez Khan border crossing has very wide potential and its opening again provides jobs for thousands of workers in the city of Qasrshirin who have lost their jobs due to the closure of the crossing,” he said.

“The resumption of the border crossing will provide opportunities for those who were affected by the earthquake in Qasrshirin and improve the living conditions of the people of the region.”

According to IRNA, the border crossing of Pervez Khan, which was closed on October 15, was launched in 2007 and it is considered the commercial and border crossing with northern Iraq, especially the province of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan, and provides direct and indirect opportunities for about 7,000 people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency