Iranian Diplomat: Soleimani Is A Military Adviser To The Iraqi Army At Request Of The Government in Baghdad

Baghdad – “The commander of Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard, Major General Qassim Soleimani, is a military advisor to the Iraqi army at the request of the government in Baghdad and one of the best military strategists in the modern world,” said Iranian ambassador to Britain Hamid Baidi Nejad.

“The liberation of Mosul is not the biggest defeat for the past three years only, but it is a sign of a fundamental change in the battlefields in Iraq and Syria against Daesh. In this change, the role of General Soleimani was certainly unique,” Fars news agency quoted Nejad as saying.

“Through Soleimani’s initiatives and his vision of a new military strategy in the fields of war in Iraq and Syria, the course of the war against Daesh organization has changed, so as the world witnessed the results of great victories today.”

“Soleimani, when he took the Iraqi government’s request for the responsibility of the military adviser to the Iraqi army and entered the battlefield in Iraq, Baghdad was 60 km from areas occupied by Daesh, and on the Syrian front Daesh was occupying large areas.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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