Iraqi forces storm (Mazara) Area Southeast Of Mosul, Killing 14 Terrorists

Mosul / Iraqi forces stormed (Mazara) plantations area within the axis of the southeast city of Mosul, according to a military source.

The source told the "The Iraqi forces continue progressing in the axis of the south-east of Mosul and began to storm Mazara area after advancing in Wahda area within the same axis and controlling over large parts of the region."

He added, "The Iraqi forces killed 14 members of Daesh including four suicide bombers during the early hours of the storming Mazara area, which Daesh militants intensively deployed, trying to repel the Iraqi forces and the obstruct progress and control Salam Hospital in Mosul again."

The source noted that "Iraqi forces are trying, through the storm southeast areas of Mosul, to re-control the hospital and keep Daesh away from the front lines to site of the hospital," noting that the cooperation of citizens helped Iraqi forces in controlling the alleys of Mazara area and foil attacks through blowing up car bombs by Iraqi forces by targeting civilians and military personnel southeast of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency