Baghdad, Iraq Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called for concerted efforts by Islamic countries towards achieving unity, rejecting anything that would divide them and spread strife between their peoples.

“Religious leaders in different countries and their nationalities are called today to unite their discourse and guide it towards spreading the spirit of love and peace which represents the essence of Islam,” Jaafari said during a meeting with Sheikh Ahmed Badr al-Din Hassoun, the Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic.

He stressed that “adopting the principle of moderation plays a major role in combating terrorism, spreading the values of coexistence and preventing the spread of extremist ideas that develop into acts of terrorism that kill innocent people,”.

For his part, the Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, during the meeting, stressed “the importance of bringing together the sects in a manner that brings together the Muslims, achieves their interests, and contributes to strengthening their relations and the need to hold awareness seminars to confront the hate speech that extremists are trying to spread among the people, calling on Jaafari to visit Damascus on framework for strengthening relations between the two countries.”

During the meeting, the statement stressed the importance of returning to the values of the authentic Islamic that respects human rights and considers them as a supreme value, as well as ways to unify the Islamic discourse towards spreading the principles of tolerance, coexistence, acceptance of the other, rejection of extremism and terrorism./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency