JOC: The Recent Security Breaches Came As A Result Of Great Pressure Exerted By The Security Forces On ISIS

Baghdad The Joint Operations Command confirmed: “The recent security breaches in Baghdad, Diyala and Kirkuk came as a result of the great pressure exerted by the security forces on ISIS elements.”

The spokesman for the leadership, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “In the recent period, terrorist organizations have been suffering from receding and from great pressure exerted on them by the armed forces from various directions and in all regions,” indicating: “The terrorist organizations believe that the implementation of these acts affects the security of the country, but the preemptive operations of the armed forces, have contributed to the killing of many dangerous terrorists. ”

Al-Khafaji said, “Terrorist organizations try to exploit some tribal conflicts and provoke sectarianism, especially in Diyala regions, but they have failed through the cohesion and cooperation of citizens and security forces.”

He pointed out: “The intelligence services are doing great against terrorist organizations, and the people also provide important and great information about the whereabouts of sleeper cells and terrorists, which have contributed to the rapid reaction forces in Diyala and the forces of the advanced headquarters and the forces and security services affiliated to it in Kirkuk with many specific operations against ISIS and its cells. ”

He stressed the continuation of the deadly air strikes by the international coalition aircraft against the whereabouts of ISIS elements in the dens and caves, in which they are holed up in the mountain ranges, which contributed to the killing of many terrorists and the destruction of their headquarters.

He pointed out: “The pressure exerted by the forces and security services on ISIS cells in Diyala and Kirkuk contributes to eliminating the presence of ISIS elements in those areas in which ISIS is trying to restore its activity.”

The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, presided over an expanded security meeting on Sunday evening that included the leaders of the federal security services and the Peshmerga, in the presence of the Ministers of Interior, Defense and Finance, and directed to activate the intelligence and security effort and also activate pre-emptive operations to confront the movements of terrorist ISIS gangs, dry up their sources and destroy their hideouts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency