Joint Operations To NINA : Progress Is Continous In All Operations Axes Of Nineveh

BAGHDAD / The spokesman of the joint operations, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool confirmed "the continued progress of the joint operations in all axes of (We Are Coming Nineveh Operations.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / "The army troops, federal police and popular mobilization forces, backed by the Army Aviation, Iraqi Air Force and the international coalition, are continuous progressing in accordance with the set targets by joint operations," adding, "The next few hours will witness the announcement of the clearing a number of areas and villages in operations' sectors ".

On news that pointed to a special operation landing by US in one of regions of Tal Afar and arresting seven of the leaders of Daesh, Rasool said: "I cannot confirm or deny the news, adding that there are contacts with the US side in this regard," pointing out that "all military operations must to be with the knowledge and consent of the Iraqi joint forces ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency