BAGHDAD, IRAQ Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri said Iraq is facing a big problem that has not been defeated to this day, which is the problem of corruption that stands before us and remains crashing the body of the Iraqis and we will not be able to defeat it until today.

Al-Jubouri said during a speech at the International Baqirayn Conference on Saturday that “the terrorism managed, within 15 years, to stop the process of human development and wasting the country’s budget because of the war and stop the process of support and develop human in all respects, which led to a state of despair and frustration, which was almost a historical crisis if the Iraqis could not challenge and announce the great victory and started the reconstruction phase, but today we are in the face of a new crisis, which is the corruption that remains crashing the body of Iraqis and we will not be able to declare victory on it.

He added that “we have a big problem to end corruption and promote the economic sector through cooperation and support for the private sector and make Iraq a major partner to the countries of the world through a strategy vision.”

He added that “the demonstration that must go out on the day of elections is a demonstration against corruption and the choice of the right candidate away from personal and party interests.” stressing that “it is time for the state to take care of the citizen away from pivoting and work to achieve the interests of Iraq away from partyism and extremism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency